The flea market has over 50 vendors selling essentials every weekend.



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  • Angelica Cortez
    Angelica Cortez
    3 months ago

    My mom and I went to participate for the second time. We didn’t bring cash because last time they did take cashapp for booth payment. One lady said to set up our booth and come back with the $15 which was not a problem we were going to bring her cash. One of the other employees that was working threatened to call the cops on us and accused us of stealing $15 from them. When we brought the $15 to the original lady we were talking to she did not care that her employee did that and also accused us of trying to steal $15, when we told her we would no longer return she said she did not care but then proceeded to ask us to stay. The customer service skills definitely need work and we would not recommend coming here.

  • Samantha Lacey
    Samantha Lacey
    3 months ago

    Had a great time walking around and seeing all the awesome things folks had! Amazing places, great sales, lots of different things.

  • Alysia Polk
    Alysia Polk
    a year ago

    I got a breakfast burrito from one of the restaurants in the middle, (which was delicious except for the canned refried beans used) great price too. I also bought one pullet from the family by the old Critter Critter, she was a little thin but no bugs and she perked right up when I got her home (now she bosses my other pullets around, lil meanie lol) the young man seemed very knowledgeable and did disclaim her condition to me, which I appreciate. They had some pretty roosters too. And fertile eating eggs. (She is the blue /grey one ) Right in front of the flea market people sell puppies without regards to shots, papers or good homes. (There was one couple who had an accidental litter who actually seemed to care about their puppies well being, not just some quick bucks) there was also a elderly lady selling a few chickens, I got a little black and white pullet from her ( she is a beauty, I think she is a game cross) Alot of vendors had clothes.

  • Duane Welch
    Duane Welch
    2 months ago

    Pretty nice to walk through, no entry fee for shoppers, a good place to waste some time on a weekend. Go in the morning, vendors start to leave as the day gets hotter

  • Jowell Neira
    Jowell Neira
    4 years ago

    Parking was found quick and easy and free. I was a little confused on the route of shopping. It's kind of scattered out with barns full of vendors. Some vendors just out in the open. Not bad, there was a variety of things. Just not as coordinated as other flea markets I've been to. But it was okay.

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