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  • Joyce P
    Joyce P
    a year ago

    Paula is such a caring person that is most knowledgeable in this field. I approached her for the first time ever to get advice on my aging skin. She offered several options and explained each of them in detail. As a patient in my early 70’s, my goal was to look refreshed and happy but not so drastic to appear overdone. My confidence level has truly improved and I get many compliments. It is not evident that I have had any ‘extra work’ but just a happier appearance. I cannot say enough about the care and professionalism i feel at every treatment. I highly recommend Bellezza to anyone wanting a ‘refreshed’ appearance. The collagen has helped my skin to glow!

  • janell jay
    janell jay
    9 months ago

    I'm hoping my heart rending experience will help someone. -Summary: Extreme pain, swelling, emotional/mental distress; Shameful customer service and care; Physical issues continuing 2 months post treatment (only one treatment) -Full Story: I had ONE vanquish treatment on my hips, flanks and stomach in July, and 2 months later (8 weeks), I still have lumps and emotional pain. During the treatment, Paula left and said I could text her if I felt uncomfortable, saying I shouldn't feel anything, only warmth. Another employee entered to continue my treatment and left, too. I texted Paula when I started to feel extreme heat and pain. I received no response. I texted again and she responded as if she didn't know who I was. She later re-entered the room and apologized. I told her my issue and she adjusted the devices and I completed treatment. About 3 days later, I started feeling moderate and increasing pain and experiencing swelling in all treated areas. I also felt knots/lumps. I went back in for evaluation and was told by Paula that the swelling and lumps were normal with the procedure and would go away within a week. It didn't. In fact, I gained 10 pounds within 2 days from the heavy swelling. I was already in agonizing pain since 3 days post procedure (could barely walk, lay down, move without pain). I was now experiencing extreme mental and emotional anguish and stress, as my clothes no longer fit, as well, and my pain was noticable. During my consultation, I explained that I am in a very public position (with the mayor) and my husband is deployed, so it's just me with a baby. I was in so much pain, I wasn't able to properly care for my baby while being the only caretaker. I have several public events to attend, speaking engagements, etc. ad apart of my job and community service and was unable to do any of those tasks, which affected my job and livelihood. I requested a refund and she provided a partial refund since I did not complete the remaining 3+ sessions. Since then, I've tried to contact the office for the past 3+ weeks, leaving messages and constantly calling. No return call was received and it appeared my calls were blocked. After another no answer, I immediately called back from another phone number and Paula answered (so it's confirmed this business blocked my number- shameful customer service). Paula told me that communication concern must have been due to their phone system, and she wasn't sure why she hadn't received my calls, nor voicemails. I explained to Paula that I still had lumps in my hips 2 months post treatment and had gained 20 pounds due to the swelling and she said she'd schedule another evaluation. I requested a full refund this time, but she now said she thought the lumps had nothing to do with the treatment-- this, after she had already confirmed the swelling and lumps were from that treatment, during my first evaluation. I tried to explain all I had gone through the last two months and she cut me off and made me feel my experience was dismissed by her. She said I signed a consent form and the side effects were expected...but she also said she thinks perhaps my body just had a bad reaction...her statements conflict. ***Also, she has provided no signed consent form to me. I did read the form and there was no mention of prolonged bodily lumps for 2+ months from the treatment.

  • GayLynn Rose
    GayLynn Rose
    a year ago

    They entire staff at Bellezza were so nice and helpful and Paula is amazing. She took great care to completely address my needs and make sure I was comfortable. I will definitely be back.

  • Melinda Bunnell
    Melinda Bunnell
    2 years ago

    Paula is amazing! She is extremely professional and knowledgeable about all the services she offers. I’ve been seeing her for over a year. I could not be happier with my Botox results or any other service she has performed on me. Extremely clean and welcoming environment.

  • Taylor Wentrcek
    Taylor Wentrcek
    2 years ago

    The service and environment here is amazing! They provide so many great services and products. My favorite is my facials with Jessica and botox with Paula. Both have improved my skin tremendously. 10 out of 10 recommend them for all your skin care needs.

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