We’re open for business and we’d love to see you. We’re fully stocked and we have very good food! Come see us!



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  • Kenneth Williams (Ken)

    I was on my way to work and realized I was low on oil. The gentleman working there told me they didn't open until 0500 and it was about 0435. He let me in and purchase oil. Customer Service at its finest. Thank you.

  • Gary Sheridan
    Gary Sheridan
    a year ago

    Nice store, quick stop in and out... headed home with the new project.

  • V
    2 years ago

    Have masks& hand sanitizer, gloves, beanies for the whole family here & Mexican food & home made flour tortillas to left as you come in.

  • Denise Swafford
    Denise Swafford
    2 years ago

    This place is worth coming to because of the freshly made food. I highly recommend the pork chops, if available. Drumsticks are a quick 2nd choice. Bob and his sister, Cathy are the mainstays and you couldn't ask for better people. Cathy is a top notch cook. I also recommend getting the fish and chips for lunch on Fridays.

  • Travis Radford
    Travis Radford
    9 months ago

    Nice gas station/truck stop. Clean facility and friendly staff. Parking for about 12 big trucks on the east side of facility.

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