We are open for delivery, take-out , and pick-up orders. We have temporarily reduced our hours and the menu for the time being. Thank you for your understanding.



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  • norma chatman
    norma chatman
    3 months ago

    The customer service was exceptional. My hubby loved his chicken fried steak. It was very flavorful. The hashbrowns, pancakes, and bacon were cooked a little too well for my liking but it was edible.

  • Paul Ward
    Paul Ward
    4 months ago

    My first time here. The food was excellent 👌. The service was outstanding. Note: Was approximately 1 pm today. Since frontage faces east, all windows had the blinds down. I could barely see, the lighting 😞 is very poor. I thought, let my eyes acclimate but still very low lighting. Wow!! The food was excellent. A chicken fried steak almost covered the whole large plate. .mmmm. Also got a delicious CV lub sandwich and fries. Don't get me wrong....I loved the restaurant 👍👌. Will be going back again and again. I do recommend eating here, just be prepared for the low lighting.

  • CTX Traveler
    CTX Traveler
    9 months ago

    Small town place. Quiet setup building won’t really catch your eye. But inside you’ll find some honest good quality good. Chicken tenders are hand battered so that was nice. Breakfast is served all day. Service was good. Wasn’t too impressed with the menu but flavor wasn’t a disappointment. Portion sizes were good.

  • Taylor Daniels
    Taylor Daniels
    8 months ago

    Paula was our server. She made the experience very enjoyable. She was super sweet and attentive to our needs. The food was great. Fish was HOT and fresh, the pancakes were fluffy, and the salad was HUGE. We'll be returning.

  • Stephanie Avila
    Stephanie Avila
    5 months ago

    Loved the whole experience. The service was friendly. The food was hot, fresh, and delicious. The atmosphere was a warm home feeling. The outside will throw you off, but once you enter and receive the service and eat the food, you will then love it all. I had the CFS with Mac and cheese and green beans. The CFS was crispy on the outside and flavorful and juicy on the inside. Mac n cheese was creamy and cheesy. Give it a try.

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